Country Stores

If you can feed it, fence it, fuel it, or fertilize it, you can find it at CHS Primeland’s Retail stores. With farm stores in St. John, Lewiston, Craigmont, and Grangeville, we supply all your farm and home needs.

For more information on what we carry in our stores, refer to this page: Country Stores Product Information

Store locations:

Country Store - St. John
St. John Country Store
102 E. Front St.
St. John WA.  99171
Manager: Torry Shepherd


Country Store - Craigmont

Craigmont Country Store
015 E. Main
Craigmont, ID. 83523
Manager: Angila Rudy

Country Store - Lewiston

Lewiston Country Store
1200 Snake River Ave.
Lewiston, ID. 83501
Manager: Dave O’Donnell

Country Store - Grangeville

Grangeville Country Store
1001 North A Street
Grangeville, ID. 83530
Manager: John Lamb


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